Custom Boat Interiors & Repair

Custom Interiors and Interior Repairs

The marine environment is a difficult one when it comes to maintaining the canvas and upholstery associated with a boat. Auto Upholstery By AJ has over 30 years of experience repairing and building custom marine interiors.

Whether you have a traditional cruiser, a leisure craft, fishing, ski-boat or pontoon, we will be able to accommodate any requests.

We understand that every boat is different, and go out of our way to make sure that every installation is custom fitted to each specific boat.

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Replacement Boat Seats

After years of comfort, marine seats can start to wear and show damage from weather in many places. Most people don’t even realize that seats can be repaired right back to original condition, so it is important to have the seat repair performed by a professional technician.

Most boat seats are created by combining several different pieces of material called panels. This type of design, allows us to replace only the damaged panels of the seat with marine vinyl that is color matched to the original color.

We stock many common marine seat fabrics that match late model patterns, and have 48 hour or less access to seat fabric for 90% of the material manufactured.

We can replace individual panels or the entire seat. Once the seat has been disassembled we can:

  1. Change padding density for a softer or firmer feel.
  2. Create custom inserts – with multiple colors
  3. Perform wood frame repair & replacement
  4. Install customer provided seat covers

Additional Services Provided:

•  Re-Upholstering of complete boat interiors

•  Create custom boat seats or original design duplicates

•  V-Berth cushions dinette cushions

•  Bow & Sun Deck Cushions

•  Hull Liners

•  Sailboat Cushions

•  Personal Water Craft Seats

•  Foam replacement

Contact us at 818-886-2510 for an estimate and we will custom design a product to meet individual specifications.